Fingerprint Jewellery Process

Silver Fingerprint jewellery would signify love and keeping good memories forever.  But for those people who do not know what fingerprint jewellery is, it is a charm or a pendant where a fingerprint can be embossed. Most people would put have their little ones fingerprint embossed on their charms with their young one’s name so that they can immortalize their baby’s fingerprint.

What makes silver fingerprint jewellery very popular is because of the affordable price. It is not a very expensive metal compared to gold or platinum. Silver still is very popular as one of the precious metal but it is affordable compared to the other metals. It would be easier to purchase a piece of jewellery that can nicely keep your child’s print and doesn’t need you to spend big.

Another advantage of this jewellery would be its uniqueness. Having your child’s fingerprint in a charm would make your jewellery a very unique charm that can’t be found anywhere else. So you can be assured that you will have a keepsake that only you can have and you do not need to spend a huge chunk of money to have a limited edition fingerprint jewelllery for yourself.

You can also create great memories that you will be able to keep forever. You can have your child’s fingerprint in a charm and one day when they become older, they will be able to see their own fingerprint when they were still little in a fingerprint charm. It would be an amazing keepsake that both the parent and their child.

You can also give them out as a precious gift. It is not the price that would make an item valuable to its owner but it would be the memories a certain item holds. You would be able to keep and it would be a valuable gift that you can give out. Especially for parents who have a newborn baby, you will be giving them out a very valuable gift where they can keep a beautiful remembrance with their little one all the time.

Fingerprint jewellery is very simple jewellery however the memories that it keeps would tell a big story. You can also be assured that silver jewellery would last really long and they are also of good quality metal.

If you would be interested to have one for yourself then you should think about what kind of design or shape you would want your charm to be. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from and you can be creative. You will be able to personalize your jewellery to whatever design you would like.

It would be great for you to have a keepsake that is personalized to your liking, so that you will love wearing it together with your child’s memorable print. You will be able to wear it in any occasion or in any event because silver jewelleries would match any kind of wear. So you do not need to worry of how it would match your wear.

The Fingerprint Jewellery Process is very easy, we simply need to get a fingerprint impression from you. This either means we send you an easy to use fingerprint kit through the post with some ‘blue tack’ like substance OR you can visit one of our registered artists on this map. Either way when we have this little fingerprint impression we capture it into fine silver jewellery to treasure forever. Here is a little presentation on the Fingerprint Jewellery process.

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